About The Show

“Snowed Inn is a modern day farce that takes place in the snowy mountains of Colorado. The show begins as the innkeepers prepare and guests arrive during a winter storm, and what could have been a normal weekend for all the characters very quickly descends into chaos. Trapped inside, cabin fever soon takes hold and the regularity of a normal, relaxing weekend away is tossed aside for nonsensical buffoonery and outlandishly foolish situations.

This show is the journey of eight people finding ways to ignite or rekindle passion in their lives and the lobby plays home to all their misguided, albeit hilarious, antics and shenanigans. The real world, sealed away behind deep drifts of snow, is forgotten. The insane becomes probable and the farcical becomes commonplace. Liberated from any exterior judgment, the four couples are free to engage in rampant horseplay and hijinks; hijinks that will change the course of their entire lives from curtains up to curtains down."
                                            -David Ewing
Jake Harrison and Chantal Lamour run a proper and respectable mountain inn, but for years have avoided their budding romantic feelings. With the help of their guests and some lost inhibitions, those budding emotions blossom into dysfunctional advances and ludicrous schemes to woo one another.
Sarah Bockhold and Will McEwen never met before their chance encounter at the inn, yet from the moment Will first laid eyes on her, he was love-struck. Of course he was also struck in the head by a pair of skis at the same moment, but regardless, his pursuit of the hard-to- get Sarah began and best friend Jake was dragged along for the absurd and highly embarrassing ride. Though playing hard to get at first, Ms. Bockhold gives in to her feelings after a heart to heart with Chantal, and together they devise a plan to seduce their socially challenged paramours.

Mike and Bianca Jones are newlyweds, excitedly taking their first steps down the path of marriage. Unfortunately, the start of that path is rocky to say the least. The highly jealous Bianca constantly walks in on poor Mike in innocent, yet undeniably lewd predicaments. Matters only get worse as Mike is unwittingly pulled into the plots of the other guests.

Rose and George Malarkey are an older couple and definitely live up to their name. Hard-of-hearing George uses his disability to avoid unwanted activities with Rose, but when Rose discovers he’s been faking all along, all hell breaks loose. The normally reserved and proper Rose throws refinement out of the window as she embellishes in bottle after bottle of champagne.