Partner With Snowed Inn

The World Premiere of Snowed Inn is assured to be a memorable experience full of side-splitting laughs and moments that touch the heart. Furthermore, this piece is a wondrous occasion to take part in a project with incredible substance and potential. A play of this caliber is sure to capture the attention of the theater community, and with the manuscript now published, future shows are already slated to take place in the years to come.

Becoming a supporter of the Snowed Inn Premiere during this exciting time will not only ensure a beautiful and enriching performance this winter, but establish a precedent for subsequent productions as well. Additionally, your support is guaranteed to be recognized by our patrons, as donors and partners will be acknowledged in our publications and allowed to advertise for their businesses. Because the show has such a large target audience, becoming a part of the Snowed Inn experience is a phenomenal and fortuitous opportunity to take advantage of the most commercial time of the year.

So we hope you’ll join us at the El Portal Theatre this holiday season for a night of thrills, spills, and passions igniting across the generations. Not to mention a cup of hot cocoa in the Lobby after the curtains fall.